Meet Android Pay. Now available
for Regions Cards.

It’s simple, secure and available at over a million US
retailers — with more added every day. Tap and pay in-store,
or click to pay in-app. Download the app to get the power of Regions and Android Pay™ right on your phone right away.

Google Android Play

tap. pay. Done.

Android Pay App

How it Works

Where it works

What do I need?

Regions Visa Debit Card.

Link Android Pay with your Debit card,
account for secure and convenient purchasing.

Learn About Regions Debit

Regions Visa Credit Card

Load your consumer credit card into Android
Pay, then use at over a million retailers.

Learn About Regions Credit

Your Now Card

Easily add your Regions Now® card to Android Pay
to conveniently make purchases.

Learn About Now Card

Your smartphone

If your NFC-enabled phone is running Android
KitKat 4/4 or higher, you can use Android Pay. In
fact, many newer models already have it installed.

Learn About Android Pay
Android pay app


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