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When it comes
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musician needs
a maestro.

Whether you’re on stage or backstage, Regions has the people and tools to help navigate any challenges that may come your way. Our carefully selected, specialized team of music industry Regions bankers are dedicated to guiding artists, business managers and other industry professionals at all stages of their careers.Make An Appointment

the banking behind the scenes*

See Lainey Wilson sit down to talk with her music industry Regions bankers, Brad and Kari. For Lainey, so much of their importance is in their close bond with her as an artist and also having advisors who know the music industry.

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We Know Music Entertainment

Whether you're on stage or backstage, Regions Entertainment and Sports Division is immersed in the entertainment industry… and is here to help you. In fact, our Entertainment and Sports Division offers artists plenty of resources, personal service and market intelligence, regardless of what stage you’re in. Plus, we also help business managers provide the right solutions for their artists, or anyone else they represent in the industry.

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*Experiences and opinions stated by Lainey Wilson and Brent Loper are their own. They were told in advance they might be featured on our page when they were asked about their experiences with Regions.

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